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COVID 19 Updates:

Our studios will be open to ALL bookings on June 30th, 2021!

• Maximum number of people is 10 per studio room. If you need to have more than 10 people in the studio, booking multiple rooms is mandatory or some of your team will need to wait outside.
• You will be asked to fill up Covid19 check in form with your personal information
• Everyone outside of models wears a mask. All models need to keep a 6-foot distance from photographers and other parties present in the rooms
• We are only allowing 2 people per make up station & ask that you wear masks if you are not directly involved in the shoot
• 30min sanitize between bookings
• Please arrive within 10 minutes of your shoot and you will be taken directly into your studio room without waiting. If you come earlier and the room is free and disinfected, we will take you inside and start/end your booking earlier. Otherwise, we will ask you to wait outside of the studio premises
• Please let us know if you or your clients are not feeling well within 12 hours of your booking so that we can issue studio credit for your cancelled booking

Purity Room

This studio expresses the feeling of purity & freedom in your environment. With 8 large scale windows that wrap the room with natural sunlight, 4 different types of a esthetically designed walls & 5+ staging options, you can bring any vision to life.


Opulence Room

This studio represents the feeling of richness & luxury. With professional crown molding, 2 fireplaces, 1 wood-paneled wall & dim lighting options, you can set up any mood in this space. 


Virtue Room

This studio represents the feeling of warmth & balance. With an all blacked out section, an exposed brick wall, a rustic textured beige wall & quality furniture props, you can set any tone in this space.

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